Hangover is not an alien term or experience for today’s youth. Alcohol consumption is one of the most rampant activities people are indulged in. Be it late night weekend parties or any event celebration, everyone wants to let themselves loose over a shot of a drink. Hangover can be regarded as a byproduct of the much adored alcohol drinking. A hangover is usually characterized by a series of symptoms including heavy head, lightheadedness, lethargy and headaches. It is usually experience in the morning post the drinking night.


A hangover is a direct cause of excessive alcohol consumption. It is quite an unpleasant feeling which takes a while to subside. Alcohol is a largely preferred beverage among people of all age groups. Thus it is fundamental to spread awareness about the repercussions of excessive alcohol consumption on the human body.

can we drink wine after milk

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Alcohol causes the blood sugar to drop and dilation of the blood vessels. Moreover, it leads to the urge of urination which makes the person dehydrated. The immune system responds adversely to the alcohol by initiating the inflammatory response which in turn affect appetite, memory and concentration. It also leads to the production of acids in the stomach which slows down the rate at which the stomach empties itself. The disruption in the functioning of the body due to alcohol leads to all the above symptoms of hangover.

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As the say “Excess of everything is bad”, same applies to the consumption of alcohol beyond a certain limit. Excessive drinking must be avoided at all costs in order to spare our body from the unwanted hangover symptoms. If hangover is something you struggle with quite frequently, it is time to change your drinking patterns before it gets the better of your health. Stay safe and healthy folks!


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