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Short hair styles for Men complete guide

Short hair styles for Men  that Improve Your Appearance


Your hair says a lot about your personality. It is important to make a good first impression. And your hair play an important part in it. As men can’t put make up on. There are only three things that we can do in order to look attractive. First, we can get in shape and can develop a muscular body. Secondly, we can get rid of acne or pimples. Or we can get a good haircut. Many men are not aware that how important good haircut is for their personality. If you want to get noticed. You should get a good haircut. It will enhance your personality and make you more attractive.

 7 Short Hairstyles for men

I personally like my hair short. They are easy to manage and in my opinion they have a better effect on your personality. And besides it is summer. Having short hair come in handy when it comes to coping with heat in summer. Do you want to know about recent short hairstyles for men? You got it buddy. Now, let’s see trending short hairstyles for men. Following are some hairstyles for men.

           Pompadour haircut

Are you aware of pompadour haircut? It is pretty cool and quite impressive. It is in trend now days. In this hairstyle your hair are cut short from the sides. But on the top, hair are greater in volume and longer. It is new and exciting style. And it adds length to your face, making your face more attractive.

nice hair cutt

Comb over haircut

Comb over haircut is quite effective in hiding baldness. But it is not only used for hiding baldness. It looks quite awesome. It works for both curly and straight hair. You can comb your hair backward if they are thick enough. Or you can comb over fade.

cute hair design

Haircut with bangs

Haircut with bangs. Do you like bangs? If you do. You can go for haircut with bangs. This haircut will have a softening effect on your face. You can make your bangs spiky or you can keep them flat. It is totally up to you. This hairstyle gives you a fun look.

really nice hairstyle

Crew cut

Crew cut is another option for you. If you like your hair very short but stylish at the same time, you should go for crew cut. In this cut, your top hair are longer. While on the sides the volume of hair is thinner and can fade into your beard. If you want your face to look longer you should try it.

good hair style for teenagers

Caesar cut

Caesar cut. I know it looks like Jim Carrey’s hairstyle. But it is quite in, these days. If you have a broad forehead and you want to cover it. Then this style is ideal for you. And if you are balding then this hairstyle is ideal for you.

great hair design

Taper cut

Taper cut, it is a classic look. There are thick hair on the top that gradually decrease at the sides. This hairstyle is hard to maintain. You need to keep your hair well-oiled and shampooed. Or your hair won’t look good.

pretty cool hair cutt

Induction cut

Induction cut is another trending style. If you want your hair to be really short. You should try induction cut. It give you a no nonsense look. It looks quite attractive and is very easy to maintain.

new hair style

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