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How long does cocaine stay in your system?

How long does cocaine stay in blood, hair, sweat, urine and saliva?

An interesting question is how long does cocaine stay in your system? We are going to answer to this question here. Cocaine can usually stay in your system for 2 to 4 days. It can be detected in urine in this window of period for casual users. But it is possible that it can be detected in the urine of chronic users for a longer time.

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How long does cocaine stay in your system? Let’s find out

Let’s find out how long does cocaine stay in your system. Cocaine is metabolized by your body into different components. Most of cocaine is metabolized by your body within 4 hours. But it is still detectable in your body. It can be detected by various drug tests. It can be detected up to 1 week. But in some drug tests it is detectable up to 1 month.

How long does cocaine stay in your blood?

Cocaine is detectable in your blood even after 48 hours. It is possible that your body can develop cocaine tolerance. So it is totally possible that even after usage of cocaine. Your blood test might not show cocaine presence.

How long does cocaine stay in your sweat and saliva?

Cocaine can be detected from your sweat and saliva. Cocaine is usually detectable in your saliva up to 4 hours. But in some case it can be detectable up to 19 hours. Cocaine is detectable in your sweat in a window of 4 to 24 hours.

How long does cocaine stay in your hair?

Did you know that cocaine is detectable from your hair? It is detectable up to 90 days. But it does not impact the root of your hair. It only impacts specific areas of your hair. So this means that it is only detectable until your hair falls off or is cut down.

How long does cocaine stay in your urine?
There is no exact period of time for the detection of cocaine in your urine. This is true for several other drugs. Low amount of cocaine can be detected in urine after few hours. But it can be detected in high amounts from 2 to 4 days. Cocaine can be detected in the urine of chronic users up to 10 days.

How Cocaine is used?

There are several ways of using cocaine. You can use cocaine orally, inject it in your veins, through your nose. Usually cocaine is snorted. What is snorting? Snorting is when you inhale cocaine through your nose. From here cocaine gets absorbed in your blood stream. Another way of using cocaine is by injecting cocaine in to your veins. This is known as intravenous use of cocaine.Smoking cocaine is to inhale cocaine in the form of smoke. Smoking it is as effective as injecting cocaine.

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Why Cocaine is used?

Main purpose of using cocaine is for recreational purposes. Cocaine is very dangerous for your health and can lead to life threatening health conditions and diseases. It can increase your alertness. It can provide you with relieve and it can also make you feel stronger. In very rare cases it can also be used as a local anesthetic. It can numb your nose, ears and throat during surgery. But mostly it is used for euphoric effect

Peak levels of Cocaine

If you snort 160 milligram of cocaine it will reaches its peak level at 30 minutes. If you take 140 milligrams of cocaine orally it will reach its peak level at 1 hour. An injection of 32 milligrams of cocaine will reach its peak level at 5 minutes. While smoking reaches its peak levels at 45 minutes.

Disadvantages of Cocaine usage

Chronic usage of cocaine can lead up to brain damage. Long term cocaine users don’t find things like sex, food and other pleasurable things appealing. All they want is cocaine. And as time passes on the side effects of cocaine usage increases. A person suffering from cocaine addiction might suffer from the following side effects.

A person who uses cocaine regularly can suffer from anxiety.

Cocaine weakens your muscles and also causes lack of control of muscles. And it gets worse if the addiction is not controlled.

Cocaine can lead to indigestion. Why? Because it causes low flow of blood towards the stomach. It results in indigestion.

Injecting cocaine can lead to many problems. It leaves scars. It can cause allergic reactions. And it can also lead to HIV.

Snorting cocaine can also lead to many problems. Cocaine snorting can damage nasal cavity. And it can also damage throat tissues.

Cocaine abuse can lead to kidney failure.

It results in paranoia, seizures and sleep disorders.

It also causes heart diseases.

Other problems include hypothermia, nausea, vomiting.

Treatment for cocaine addiction

Cocaine addiction can be treated in two major ways. First is behavioral treatment. It involves the psychological treatment of the patient. It has proven quite effective and many patients have recovered by this treatment. Other treatment is medicinal treatment. It involves using medicines to overcome cocaine addiction. In some cases combination of both treatment is used.

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