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lip injections before and after – complete guide!

Are you an adventurous person who has no fear of needles and don’t want to miss any chance to enhance your beauty? And, if I guess it right, you are looking for ways to enhance your thin lips to give more space to lipstick. Well, jump at the chance and get beautifully filled lips by widening the red lip area through lip injections. However, before getting an injection, have a look at this reading to know what happens to your beauty before and after lip injections.

Lip injections work best if you are conscious about your small lips, or if your top lip seems like nonexistent.

Different ways to get beautiful lips

  • Dermabrasion/ Injectable fillers
  • Temporary lip injections whose effect would last from six to eighteen months. You would have to repeat the treatment after this period.
  • Get permanent results through fat transplantation

What to know lip injections before and after 

After consulting the doctor, if you have decided to go for a lip injection then you must know these facts before starting the process.

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  • You would have to experience bruising and pain right after getting lip injection. Mostly, it recovers within 24 hours, however swelling, bruising and soreness can last for 5 to 7 days. Occasionally, minor to moderate site reactions may occur due to hyaluronic acid that would last up to two weeks.
  • You would have to avoid ibuprofen, non steroidal anti-inflammatory or aspirin to kill the pain as it might increase the chances of getting bruises, says Dr. Kolker.
  • Manage your expectations and keep this thing in mind that no lip injection can cause a permanent change. It would only provide a short-term However, according to Dr. Wright, when dermis is mechanically stretched, it activates the fibroblast cells, consequently stimulating new collagen AKA, which may have a long-term effect with multiple injections. However, he hasn’t given any guarantee for permanent effect.

What happens during the Lip Injection process?

Pain that you experience during the process is far less than having period cramps and OBGYN exams. However, pain is intense in the central part of lips where you can sense the gel pressure as it fills the lip pocket. At the end of the process, your lips would be swollen, a little red but certainly impressive if no side effect occurs.

It will enlarge your upper lip and give a full and pouty look to the bottom one. In some cases, a slight upturn might occur around mouth sides, but it would settle within a couple of days. You wouldn’t be required to stay at the clinic and with a simple ice pack, you can return home with advice to ice your lips for every 10 minutes. The whole process usually takes less than an hour to get completed.

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Here is a pictures that show the lips before and after getting injections.

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Possible side effects

Remember, not every woman is the best candidate for lip injections. Take into consideration the possible side effects that may include:

  • Inflammation
  • Active infection
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Facial nerves disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Multiple allergies
  • Simplex lesions

Moreover, if you are suffering from the autoimmune disease, chances of getting any of these side effects would get higher.

Being cautious for your beauty is a good thing. But being over cautious is not! Before making any decision, get a detailed knowledge about do’s and don’ts of the process to minimize the chances of any undesired result.

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