All of us have been time again and again troubled by our belly button lint. Don’t we? Having a lint in your belly button is every next door phenomenon so it is time we stop being troubled by it. It is time to find out why we have this little nagging thing which is a mood killer for most of us. Basically lint is made up of small fibers and dust particles which often entangle with each other to form a tiny ball like substance which gets dumped into our belly buttons. Lint usually resides in our belly button for a number of reasons. Firstly, we all have some body hair and usually hair that are around the belly region are circular in their arrangement. This is the main reason why lint is usually accumulated in the belly button because the sweeping mechanism of the hair around the belly direct the lint particles to sweep along towards the belly button.

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Is It Normal To Have Lint In Your Belly Button

Lint is likely to form in people who are fond of wearing woolen clothes or fabrics with lots of fiber content. When a specific fabric is worn for quite some time layers of fabric or wool particles tend to come off from them. This is the reason why lint is also accumulated in the laundry machines in certain fabrics like wool. So in short, lint is quite a common thing to happen but it is important to keep our physical hygiene up to the mark before this harmless thing gets all the more bothersome.


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