If conventional method of urine test is used for the detection of methadone in your system. It is possible that it can stay detectable in your urine for a period of 2 to 4 days. If your body contains more than 300 ng/ml concentration of methadone than it is possible that it will get detected in a drug test

How long does methadone stay detectable in your urine? 

Methadone can stay detectable in your urine for about 2 to 4 Weeks. It depends on the quality of drug and also the amount ingested by you. This test requires a urine sample. How long does it take methadone to become detectable in your urine? It takes about an hour for methadone to be able to get detected in your urine. After you ingest it. As it is an easy process because it is not invasive. And because it is cost effective as well as accurate that is why it is the most common method used for the detection of methadone in your system. So that is why urine test is preferred when it comes to job interviews.

How long does methadone stay detectable in your blood?

I think that you are aware that methadone can be detected from your blood test. Blood test is not common when it comes to the detection of methadone in your system. Because it is costly and it is not as effective as urine test. There is no definite period of time in which it can remain detectable in your system. Methadone and its metabolites can stay detectable in urine for several days.

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How long does methadone stay detectable in your saliva?

Like many other drugs methadone too is detectable in your saliva. It can stay detectable in it for several days.

Peak levels and half-life of methadone

The half-life of methadone is between 8 to 59 hours.To be specific the half-life for(R, S) methadone is around 15 to 60 hours. While the half-life for (R) methadone is about 10 to 40 hours. The analgesic action takes place between 4 to 8 hours. Methadone ingested reaches its peak levels in your body after 4 hours of ingestion. But it can be detected in your blood after just 30 minutes.


How to get Methadone out of your system to pass the drug test?

Are you going to undergo a drug addict test and wondering how long your system would take to flush out the methadone completely? Well, you need to understand that no magical food or drink can help you to speed up the flush out process. Usually, the methadone stays in your body system longer than many other opiates.

Though there is no speedy way to get this done overnight. Yet, there are a number of ways that can help you getting methadone out of your system. Methadone is an opiate replacement and a long action pain medicine that stays in the body system as long as two weeks. The process could get slightly quick if you do a lot of exercises and then try to flush it out. Intense exercise might raise the metabolism, helping your system to flush out quickly.

  • Good news for people less than 30 years is that they are quickly flush out the methadone as compared to older counterparts. The younger you are, the faster you would get rid of methadone and consequently, there would be greater chances of passing the drug test.
  • Light weighted persons are also prone to get free earlier. Heavy weight persons take more time to flush the methadone out of their system. Whereas, lesser time is required when the person is skinny.
  • Persons older than 30 years with heavy weight and slower metabolism cannot get free before a couple of weeks. Moreover, if you are taking any medicines like pain relievers, muscle relaxers or benzos,, it would slow down your metabolism, taking a longer time to flush out the methadone out of the system.

Methadone addiction

Methadone has a tendency to get abused like morphine. Similar to other opioids that are consumed for analgesia, it could also be consumed for a euphoric effect. However, practitioners also use it in clinical settings in the long term to offset the cravings and withdrawal from comparatively harder drugs.

You need to know if or not you are developing an addiction for methadone. Addition for methadone is developed when it is categorized by incontrollable use, consumption for non-medical purpose and prolonged consumption despite the risk of any adverse impact. You are advised to consult a physician if you think that you are developing an addiction for the methadone. First of all, you need to be honest with yourself and things would get much easier afterwards.

Drug Tests for Methadone

In most of the cases, the methadone drug test is done through urine screening. Saliva drug tests and blood screens are other alternatives, but they are less used in the clinical setting due to high cost and difficult administration. Moreover, opioids like methadone could also be tested through the oral fluid. However, the method is also less often. To identify the methadone, methadone samples must contain at least two metabolites.

We really hope that this article has helped you in understanding the nature of methadone and ways to get the methadone out of your system.

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