If you are planning for your first pregnancy and you expect that it would start with a bang, you might sense a mere whimpering sound; leaving you in confused state of mind where you wonder if you are really pregnant. Bad news is that during implantation, it is not possible to certify initial pregnancy with full confirmation and you can’t even be sure of what’s actually going on at cellular level. But, how implantation pain feels like? Mostly, its mild cramping that could be mistook for gas. In some cases, pain in lower abdomen and lower back might resemble to menstrual cramps and both are absolutely normal.

How you feel while having implantation pain? 

  • You might experience a very mild pain.
  • A little tightness around lower stomach may also occur
  • In some cases, pain is way too mild and blood discharge doesn’t occur at all
  • In seldom cases, pricking and discomfort is reported by women
  • Pain may be accompanied by light brown, reddish or pinkish spots.
  • Sometimes, you may also experience mood swings and unpleasant after taste

These are the most common symptoms reported by a number of women during their initial pregnancy or implantation stage. However, in most of the cases, women don’t even notice these symptoms. After few weeks, when pregnancy gets confirmed, then they acknowledge that they have previously experienced implantation pain. So, if you are experiencing intense shoulder pain, weakness, tiredness, pelvic pain, dizziness, implant blood clots or very heavy bleeding, immediately consult your doctors it might indicate ectopic pregnancy or other serious medial issue.

Causes behind Implantation pain

Implantation pain has its roots embedded to ovulation process. Ovaries release a mature egg during ovulation. Afterwards, sperm fertilizes the egg and it starts travelling towards uterus lining. Uterus lining contains enriched nutrients as blood supply from vessels is sufficient.

When zygote (it is newly formed fetus) gets attached to uterus lining, implantation pain occurs. As a result of it, woman might experience some mild painful sensation, which is mostly accompanied by blood shedding through vagina.

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How to differentiate between implantation and menstrual pain 

An easy way to differentiate between menstrual and implantation pain is to track the dates.

Mostly, implantation pain occurs before one week of missed menstrual period. Scanty blood discharge is another differentiating factor. If it lasts for a few hours to a couple of days, it might be implantation pain. If it lasts longer than two days, it might be menstrual pain.  Blood color can also predict the actual pain cause. If it is bright red, then probably you are having pain due to mensuration. If it is brown or pinkish in color, then it might be due to implantation.  Main reason behind this color difference is that unlike menstruation, implantation bleeding doesn’t excrete fresh blood.

How to relieve the implantation pain?

benifits of water

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  • Drink plenty of water
  • Exercise daily
  • Take a warm bath
  • Apply a gentle massage
  • Avoid stress
  • Try yoga or meditation
  • Avoid sex

If pain still persists, or gets intense then consult the doctor as it might indicate a serious issue.

Abdominal discomfort and implantation pain should be taken seriously. Especially, if you are experiencing vaginal pain in middle of your menstrual cycle, discuss it with your doctor. In case, your pregnancy gets confirmed, it becomes more important to consult a doctor for yours’ and your child’ health.



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