Hair is the most instrumental component of our personality. Our hair speak volumes about our personality and how we express ourselves to the outside world. Healthy, strong and lustrous hair is what we all yearn to possess. In the world of today, hair problems have become a common occurrence due to many factors. With the rampant exposure of hair to chemicals with the use of hair dyes, straightening treatments and many other hair products has led to a decline of hair health. Every other household is either affected by dramatic hair loss or suffers from various hair problems like dullness, split ends and thinning. Our diets also play a huge role in our declining hair health as they lack important nutrient for hair to flourish and strengthen.


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Hair fall is matter of both internal and external factors. Internal factors include improper diet devoid of essential vitamin/minerals, hormonal imbalance, illness and heavy dedication. External factors on the other hand deal with issues like excessive chemical use on hair such as frequent dying, straightening treatments or heat damage from blow drying/straightening. All these factors combine to contribute in poor hair condition and most importantly lead to uncontrollable hair fall.

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The best remedy to combat hair loss is to go organic in the approach of treating hair. Massaging hair regularly with castor oil and coconut or any other natural oils can get real results. Additionally it is important to use chemical free shampoos such as herbal shampoos. Hair repair is a long term strategy that you need to be loyal with. Start your hair care before it is too late to rectify!

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