A faint line emerged on my Pregnancy Test! Am I pregnant? 

As compared to a false negative pregnancy test, a false positive pregnancy test is very rare. So, emergence of even a faintest line would indicate the presence of pregnancy hormones in your urine. There are some home pregnancy tests that are highly sensitive towards pregnancy hormones detection and could spot the pregnancy before missing your period. Higher sensitivity would lead towards earlier pregnancy detection. However, it also depends upon frequency of hCG production in your body as responsiveness towards pregnancy is individual for every woman.

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Reasons behind emergence of faint line

If faint line emerges, one reason could be that your pregnancy test has lower sensitivity. For instance, a pregnancy test with sensitivity level of 10 milli international units per ml would detect pregnancy sooner than a test with sensitivity level of 25 milli international units per ml. Another reason behind emergence of faint line could be that you are at very initial stage of your pregnancy than expected. Ovulation could have occurred later than expected, fertilized egg might not have imbedded as rapidly as anticipated or hCG in your wee is too low or diluted to get detected by home pregnancy test.

False Positive Pregnancy Test

Although it is very rare, yet it is possible to get a False Positive Pregnancy Test in some circumstances. It happens only when test has been wrongly conducted, you have used an expired pregnancy test, have taken a long time than stated to read the result or you are taking specific medications. Another cause could be that you might have human chorionic gonadotropin injection in course of infertility treatment or might have specific medical conditions that cause high hCG levels.

What to do if I get a Faint line?

You would probably have to repeat the test for reassurance. If you could hold upon your nerves, then test should be re-conducted after a week to get the more accurate results. Meanwhile, your faint line might turn into a nice dark one. Contrary to this, it is also possible that your faint line may turn into a complete negative!

What does it mean if positive faint line turns into negative within few days?

Unfortunately, if within few days, a faintly positive test turns into a complete negative, it might indicate an early miscarriage.  As per experts, around twenty to thirty percent of all pregnancies terminate with a miscarriage. It is unfortunate but a common phenomenon. However, it would be encouraging to know that around all women who experience an early miscarriage, eventually get successful! Even a faint positive line could be a positive indication when a woman is expecting to conceive.

Beside the usefulness of such home pregnancy tests, one major downfall is that such devices raise the wrong hopes at some occasions when handled ineffectively.  It’s advisable to use home pregnancy tests with due care and attention.

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