Man is a reproductive being whose main aim of existence is to procreate for humanity to flourish. Therefore, he is born sexual in nature thus making it imperative that his carnal desires are fulfilled. Sex is an act of love and symbolizes the union of man and woman through physical intimacy. This involves multiple human faculties such as physical, psychological and biochemical mechanism of the body.


The onset of sexual desire occurs at the time of puberty where the male and female develop their reproductive organs thus paving the way for reproduction. Sex drive of a human being is directly associated with hormones that largely make up the chemical system.

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Sex drive of an individual varies from person to person depending on many factors such as age, physical health, race and lifestyles. However, age is one of the primary and constant aspect which impact one’s sex drive. It is quite established that sex drive is at its zenith from the time an individual hit puberty till middle age where the intensity graph starts to gradually decline. For women, puberty is marked with the onset of monthly blood discharge from the vagina while in men it occurs when his male organ is stimulated to ejaculate. With the passage of time as the person ages, sex drive begins to gradually decrease in both men and women.  As mentioned earlier, sex drive is directly linked to many other factors such as diet, nutrition and physical fitness.

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As they say, “Health is wealth” it is quite evident that sex life largely depends on a person’s health and wellbeing. If with aging a person has not developed or acquired serious ailments such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes or hypertension, the longevity of sex life can be enhanced.


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