Sex is the most hyped subject of debate yet in many society it is still considered a taboo. Since sex is as much part of our daily lives as any other mundane activity, we must address the issues and concerns pertaining to it. This article will in specific cater to the inhibitions women usually have related to penetrative sex. It will also debunk a lot of myths related to women’s anatomy when it comes to sex. So all you ladies out there, just switch on your sensuality and enjoy the steamiest sex experiences.


Most women are often concerned about their bodies and its response to sexual intercourse. Even in the world of today with rampant awareness there are myths prevailing related to sex. The foremost is of the vagina getting loose with age or penetrative sex.

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Vagina is a flexible organ composed of elastic, muscular canal that provides lubrication and sensation. It connects uterus to the outside world. Since vagina is flexible and elastic in nature, it does not loosen with sex or age. However, the more you have sex the more easy and pleasurable the intercourse gets but it does not increase the size of the vagina.

Child birth is one factor that can loosen the vagina as it also forms the birth canal from where the baby is delivered. But vagina by nature is designed to attain its former shape and size once the intercourse or delivery is done. So having sexual intercourse or aging itself does not impact the size of the vagina. But intercourse is an act which gets better with practice and comfort between the two partners. So fret not over this and keep your bed game strong.


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