Eyes are windows to soul: and lashes are the curtains!

Something horrendous occurred today: a few eyelashes fell off!Not only this but you also observed a gap in lash line! And now, you are panicking whether it would grow back and you would regain your normal look. Don’t worry. Give a few minutes to this reading and your tension would fade away.

After deciding to have a look on this reading, now you must be praying that someone may tell you eyelashes would grow back instantaneously and miraculously! Fortunately, the answer is YES! Eyelashes grow back but not over nightly. You have to be patient to get fuller, beautiful longer eyelashes.

At some point of time, we all have experienced eyelash loss and there is nothing to fear about. Eyelash loss is a natural body function however, intensity of this loss increases by some specific behaviors like rubbing eyes, leaving makeup overnight, excessive makeup etc.  however, in most of the cases, eyelashes grow back.

Causes behind eyelash loss

As far as eyelash loss is concerned. The major reason is that its natural body process. However, if you feel a clear acceleration in such loss. Then, the most common cause behind eyelash loss is excessive usage of low quality makeup. You are recommended to use moisturizing eye makeup and use makeup remover before going to bed. Besides that, other reasons may include: autoimmune diseases, alopecia, thyroid conditions infections or chronic eye irritation.

How long does it take for eyelashes to grow back? 


Eyelashes have a cyclic growth similar to the hair as it includes two phases, growing and resting phase. As the resting phase ends, hairs fall off to make space for new hairs in follicle. Normally, it takes around 1 to 6 months by eyelashes to grow back. However, this time length is dependent upon your eating habits and life style.

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How to grow back eyelashes

A well balanced diet should be your first step. Take meals that are enriched of minerals required for hair growth. Eat fruits, lean proteins, whole grains and vegetables. You can also take a multivitamin supplement on daily basis as an alternative to food sources that are good for normal hair growth.

For accelerated growth, you can also try instantaneous conditioning treatment and products that contain ingredients required for eyelash growth. Apply conditioner to eyelash base every night. These practices may take several weeks and months to get longer and fuller eyelashes. If hormone or chemo problems have been the major cause. Don’t you worry. However, if you don’t know the real reason behind eyelash loss. Make sure your makeup has not passed expiry date or you are not allergic of some ingredient of your makeup. Bacteria overgrowth might also have caused eyelash loss, wash face regularly to keep bacteria under limit.


These practices would surely help you to get grow your eyelashes back. However, in case, problem is reoccurring or ongoing, you are advised to consult a doctor as it might indicate some serious health problems.

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