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Cervical mucus after ovulation:a mean to detect your fertility

Are you planning to get pregnant and want to know when you would be most fertile? And you are trying to chart your cervical changes? Well, you are left with many options as a number of predictor kits are available freely in the market. But I would suggest you to go for most natural and free of cost kit! One that is embedded inside you. Yes, every woman carries inside an absolutely free ovulation predictor. However, in order to use the information signaled by the natural predictor, you must know how does cervical mucus look like after ovulation.

Cervical mucus before ovulation

Creamy cervical mucus

  • Cervical mucus after ovulation is considered non-fertile
  • It has a creamy texture
  • Sperm’s movement to cervix is hindered and restricted
  • Its color is usually creamy yellow or pearly white
  • It has a thick texture and looks like lotion when you rub it between your fingers

Sticky cervical mucus

  • Tacky or sticky cervical mucus is considered as least fertile
  • It has a chunky and thick texture
  • It feels like a glue or paste, which strongly hinders the movement of sperm into cervix
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How to test cervical mucus before and after ovulation 


Even though, such variations are common among most of the people. However, due to the difference in body structure and health, you might not observe the exact similarity in your cervical mucus. Expect a little variation. You can monitor your cervical mucus by appearance or feel. One way to sense is by color (clear, white, cloudy, creamy) and consistency (slippery, smooth or sticky) as described above. The other way is to feel the cervical mucus in your vagina (wet, moist or dry). You can conduct a finger test by inserting a finger into your vagina. After removing finger from the vagina, stretch it between two fingers and observe the texture and color if mucus. If CM is sticky or creamy, it is cervical mucus after ovulation. However, it is watery or egg white in color. Congratulations, you have spotted it at the right time. Plan for sex as it is your most fertile time.

What If I get a sticky or creamy mucus every time?

Well, if you don’t get egg colored mucus then don’t worry. A lot of women don’t have egg colored mucus, and that’s absolutely normal. In such cases, a large amount of watery mucus flows right before ovulation. However, if you don’t get watery mucus either, and every time, you get a creamy or sticky mucus, then you are advised to consult a doctor.

How to get pregnant faster?

Cervical mucus could be altered by medications, some vaginal infections and birth control. It might also differ due to the difference in health condition. In order to get a better understanding, you are advised to track the mucus changes along with other vital factors like basal body temperature.  It would escalate the pregnancy chances.  Understanding the question “how cervical mucus looks like after ovulation period” could assist you in the achievement of this goal.

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