melatonin and alcohol
22 Feb 2017

Can We Use Melatonin And Alcohol Together? Latest Research!

People usually have reservation combining the intake of alcohol with melatonin. Great precaution must be exercised in this case as the two drugs have a similar working mechanism and can adversely affect the body. According to many medical experts taking melatonin independently is quite safe but its intake with alcohol

can black people get lice
24 Nov 2016

Can Black People Get Lice? Latest Dermatology Research!

Are you a black American, wondering do black people get lice or not? Well, you are not alone, and it is not a strange interrogation. This inquiry has been questioned for many times.The answer is yes, but it is complex and depends on several factors. The article would clarify your

Why do my nipples hurt
08 Nov 2016

Why do my Nipples Hurt? 24 causes and solutions!

Sore nipples are a common issue among women of all ages. It can occur anytime from puberty to after menopause. There could be many reasons    behind swollen and painful breasts. If you are having pain in your nipple area, and wondering that“why do my nipples hurt”, don’t worry, you

drug and alcohol test
02 Nov 2016

Drug and alcohol tests for employment and license!

Presently, increasing popularity of drug and alcohol tests has been witnessed by various sources. Though the topic has been controversial when it comes to workplace drug testing; it is extremely helpful for medical purposes. The article would offer you an overview of why these tests are conducted and how effective

Implantation Pain
27 Oct 2016

How Implantation Pain feels like?

If you are planning for your first pregnancy and you expect that it would start with a bang, you might sense a mere whimpering sound; leaving you in confused state of mind where you wonder if you are really pregnant. Bad news is that during implantation, it is not possible

how long does implantation cramping last
22 Oct 2016

how long does implantation cramping last during pregnancy?

When cramping is caused by implantation, you may experience the same feeling that you get before your periods. In most of the cases, women experience an infrequent and mild pain. However, distinguishing between the implantation and period sign is not very clear. Cramping might indicate implantation. However, it might also

how much nicotine is in a cigarette
17 Oct 2016

How Much Nicotine Is In One American Cigarette?

How many times you have heard about hazards of smoking cigarette? We all are well aware of the fact that tobacco cigarettes are enriched of toxins, including: ammonia, carbon monoxide, tar and many more. Can you guess out of these highly toxic ingredients, which one is most harmful? Well, it

is tramadol a narcotic
08 Oct 2016

Why people consider tramadol a narcotic?

So, you are also among people who are not sure whether or not tramadol is a narcotic! Well, in spite of tremendous information released to the public, confusion still prevails, and numerous people are unable to comprehend the difference. In order to clarify the issue, following article would present some

when does morning sickness start
04 Oct 2016

When does morning sickness start and end?

So, you are wondering that in spite of getting a positive pregnancy test, your morning sickness hasn’t started yet! Are you really excited about the idea of several days of nausea?? Obviously not! Probably, you want to know when does morning sickness start to prepare your mind and develop a

mouth swab drug test
23 Sep 2016

Ways to pass Mouth Swab Drug Test in 6 hours!

The most frustrating thing about the saliva tests is that you ask from hundreds of people and still remain confused how to clear the Mouth Swab Drug test. Plenty of information available on the online platforms and other forums provide different suggestions and varied opinions. Here, I will try my