white discharge before period
19 Sep 2016

Why I am Having White discharge before period!

Have you just seen creamy white discharge before your period and wondering if it indicates something wrong? Well, mostly a white, odorless discharge is perfectly normal, so you don’t need to panic. Give a few minutes to this reading and get to know if you are having normal white discharge

what does heartburn feel like
16 Sep 2016

6 ways to know What does Heartburn feel like?

What does heartburn feel like? After having a beautiful day and enjoying a delicious meal in dinner, suddenly you start feeling an awful burning sensation in your chest! Well, that’s how a heartburn feels like.  Such situation usually occurs when acid in your stomach flows back into food pipe or

dead tooth
17 Aug 2016

4 ways to save a Dead Tooth: causes, symptoms and treatment!

Do teeth die? You must have heard about a dead tooth or may also have experienced it. It would be surprising to know that teeth also have life. Similarly, their death is also possible. Endodontics or root canal therapy is employed by dentists in this case.  In simple words, a