Being a human is not only about experiencing joys and pleasures of life. There are certain unpleasant natural phenomena all humans experience without any discrimination or exceptions. Sneezing is one of those natural occurrences which all of us encounter at various points of our lives. It is our body’s natural response to allergies, pollutants, irritants and infections which it wants to get rid of.   Sneezing is not always a sign of cold, flu or allergies. It sometimes even occurs as a response to irritated passageways and in order to get rid of the pollutants or irritants that line the nose or throat.


Have you ever noticed the general physical response while sneezing? Or have you ever seen anyone sneeze with open eyes? While the answer to the first question may be quite obvious, the second one could make you wonder for an absolute answer.

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When you come to think about it, it becomes quite clear that people usually sneeze while their eyes closed. Sneezing to be precise is a physical response which occurs in coordination with the diaphragm, abdominal, chest and throat muscles which all help in expelling the inner unwanted content. The speed at which the contents are expelled out of the system is really fast that is approximately 100 miles per hour. So, in order to let the process happen smoothly the brain sends eye muscles a signal to shut. That is why the eye closes involuntarily while sneezing.

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Nature has intelligently devised our physical response to all natural phenomena including sneezing. Closing of eyes while sneezing is one of the involuntary responses of the body to carry out the process of sneezing with as much ease as possible. So worry not anymore about your eyes getting pooped out. Just sit back and enjoy the 100 miles per hour roller coaster ride of sneezing!


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