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Can you get pregnant from precum? complete guide!!

Have you ever wondered that can you get pregnant precum or pre ejaculation? If you are sexually active. It is quite possible that this thought has popped in your head. For those of you who don’t know what Precum or premature ejaculation is? Premature ejaculation is an involuntary release of sperm. Why does it happen? It can happen due to minimal sexual stimulation. As you can imagine it can lead to unsatisfactory sex between the two partners. It can also increase anxiety in male partner. There are several reasons for premature ejaculation.

Can you get pregnant due to precum? 


It is highly unlikely that you can get pregnant due to it. But it is possible. Precum or pre ejaculatory fluid cleans the inside of the male partner’s urethra. It is the tube that contains urine or semen. This helps in making the urethra less acidic. Thus providing a greater chance to sperm to survive and fertilize your egg. Precum is a clear fluid. It is released by the Cowper’s glands. What is that? They are the glands that are located along the reproductive organ of your partner. As mentioned before, precum does not contain sperm. Which means that precum cannot get you pregnant. But in some cases sperm is left behind in the urethra due to previous ejaculation. This sperm can get carried in to your body with precum. And can possibly cause pregnancy. But the odds of that happening is quite low. So in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy, use protection. This will also help you to stay protected against sexually transmitted diseases. According to research, chances of getting pregnant by precum are low as compared to semen. But we cannot rule out the possibility of it happening. So it is always important to be careful.

can precum get a girl pregnant

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Can I get Pregnant without Vaginal Penetration?

If the sperm gets inside vagina, it is possible that you can get pregnant. But this is very unlikely without vaginal penetration.

How pregnancy take place

Now that we have established that it is very unlikely to get pregnant from a precum .It is quite possible that a question may arise in your head. How does pregnancy actually take place? I think that it is common knowledge that when a sperm fertilizes an egg inside female body. Pregnancy can take place. This happens when a male and a female partners have a vaginal intercourse without any protection.

Can Percum get you pregnant

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How to avoid pregnancy?

If you want to avoid unwanted pregnancy. There are couple of things you should do. If you are sexually active. You should always use protection. Protection in the form of condoms or birth control pills. They will help you avoid pregnancy. In some cases even these protections don’t work. So in order to remain safe you can practice Sexual abstinence. What is Sexual abstinence? It means to not to take part in genital contact. Or in other words to avoid having sex. Pregnancy can only occur due to vaginal intercourse. So by avoiding it you can avoid unwanted pregnancy.

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