People usually have reservation combining the intake of alcohol with melatonin. Great precaution must be exercised in this case as the two drugs have a similar working mechanism and can adversely affect the body. According to many medical experts taking melatonin independently is quite safe but its intake with alcohol needs to be watched.


Alcohol is a sedative which people use to help relax and unwind before falling asleep. However, in some people the affect may be opposite. It may case disruption in the sleep often inducing restlessness rather than restfulness. In such cases people might be tempted or compelled to use melatonin supplements to help them fall asleep.

While still more research is required concerning the relationship between melatonin and alcohol, there is some evidence that drinking alcohol could decrease the amount of melatonin in the body. According to a study published in 2000 in the journal Epidemiology, researchers have found out that alcohol affects the level of melatonin that circulate in the body during night time. Scientist of France’s Centre Hospitalier Universitaire have also found that normal secretions of melatonin are greatly impaired engaged in healthy individuals engaged in binge drinking. In most people the secretion of melatonin is suppressed during the day and increased during the night. But for alcohols as well as healthy individuals, these events could be reversed with the use of alcohol.

Melatonin and alcohol do not work well in conjunction with each other. Alcohol stops melatonin from working if they both are consumed in conjunction with each other. Alcohol impairs the quality of a person’s sleep and makes him drowsy the next day. All these factors need to be taken into consideration if you need to drive, ride a bike or operate a machinery. In short, combining alcohol with melatonin is not at all advised by medical experts as it interferes with the functioning of melatonin. This in turn results in the persistent sleep problems and alcohol worsens the situation even more causing many other health problems to intensify.


Taking melatonin and alcohol together can induce a range of distinct effect on the person taking them. Usually it is observed that drinking can reduce the effects of melatonin which is taken to aid sleep problems. It is reported that most people feel very drowsy and withdrawn after taking the two drugs in combination.


They may sleep fitfully for some time but soon after they may also experience periods of wakefulness in between vivid nightmares. Some people on the other hand do not feel sleepy at all. Instead they feel so charged and energized as if they have taken a stimulant.


Both alcohol and melatonin are consumed for distinct purpose. Melatonin is a supplement to naturally present hormone in the body which regulates sleep pattern. Alcohol on the other hand is a sedative which people consume to relax and unwind occasionally. Excessive use of alcohol can be damaging for the body in the long run. Alcohol increases the heart rate

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of a person and gradually induces the relaxing feeling by sedating the central nervous system. Initially a person might feel restless and hyper but with time alcohol impairs the alertness, appetite, body language and function of the consumer. Consuming alcohol for long periods of time is likely to damage the liver which is one of the most vital organs of the body.

Melatonin is particularly used to mimic the body’s natural hormone which is produced mostly at night. As people age, melatonin production of the body tends to decrease and people start to develop sleep problems such as trouble sleep, waking up early, not being able to wake up and so on. Melatonin supplements were especially designed for such people who belong to a certain age group. But nowadays melatonin is also consumed by people of young age group as insomnia is quite prevalent in the fast pacing world. Sleep problems have infected the youth as well as they are more in tune with the technology dependent life rather than nature. Going against the nature and not tuning their lives in harmony has led to such grave health problems. Therefore, consumption of drugs like melatonin and alcohol has dramatically risen in the last few decades.

Sleep disorders are one of the most common health issues around the world. In the fast paced world of rampant globalization, health concerns are dramatically increasing. This is because people have ceased to follow natural and healthy lifestyle habits which are in tuned with nature. Instead they have embarked on a lifestyle loaded with technology which impairs their health a great deal. So in order to remain fit and healthy it is required that people resort to healthy lifestyles and reduce their dependency on artificially manufactured goods such as drugs.


It is reported that melatonin makes you feel drowsy, tired, cause eyesight problems and induce headaches in some cases. Before taking melatonin, a doctor’s advice must be sought as it may interfere with a person’s daily life functioning. Melatonin does not go well for people with active lifestyles such as regular sports, gymnastics, and strength training because it makes you drowsy and lethargic. Another quite “uncommon” side effect of melatonin is weight gain but majority people need not to worry as it affects 1 in 100 people in this regard.

Melatonin is quite helpful for people experiencing sleep problems like insomnia. However, there have been cases where melatonin has adversely affected the patient’s sleep patterns by making then sleep worse. Vivid dream/nightmares and waking up early are also some of the common side effects associated with melatonin. Side effects related to melatonin such as drowsiness, headaches, irritability, nervousness or low mood may wean off after some time of its usage. One the side effects subside, you are likely to notice the positive impact of melatonin on your sleep pattern. With healthy sleep cycle, one may fee refreshed and energized. The relationships tend to improve and blossom. Additionally, people have acknowledged the fact that with improved sleep their sex life improved dramatically. But the downside also sometimes comes to the fore when due to low mood or irritability, a person might not be much interest in having sex.

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During pregnancy mothers must consult their physician if they are already taking melatonin or if they plan to start taking it. Prior research has not yet shown dramatic results on the newborn babies but prevention is always better than cure. It has been reported in animal testing that melatonin slightly impacts the growth of the newborn, however, in human not many effects have come to the fore. Breast feeding mothers should also be cautious about using melatonin in high dosage as the medicine is transferred to the babies through their feed and may cause adverse effects on them.

The decision to take melatonin is not quite simple. If you are having sleep problems and plan on taking melatonin with doctor’s advice then you should inform your close family or family about this decision. This is to keep a close check on you so as to keep a track about your side effects and change in behavior. Keep your close ones updated about your conscious choice of starting melatonin to achieve desirable results and be aware of all the adverse ones.

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Melatonin is a drug usually prescribed to people in the old age. As people age, their sleep cycle gets disrupted and problems like insomnia tend to persist. Melatonin is prescribed to people above 55 years who have sleep problems such as trouble sleeping, lack of freshness on waking up or waking up in the night for long hours. Melatonin is a hormone present naturally in the body which regulates sleep cycle. As people age the body starts to reduce the production of melatonin due to which the sleep patterns get disturbed. Melatonin drug is a supplement for the reduced natural hormone of the body for people in later ages who find trouble keeping their sleep patterns regulated. This particular supplement is used taken to relieve disorders like jet lag, nicotine withdrawal, situational anxiety and shift work disorder. Melatonin usually lasts in the system for 3-4 hours after it is released in the system.

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When taking melatonin and alcohol together, one may wonder about the withdrawal effects they may induce once discontinued. Melatonin is primarily taken to solve sleep problems so after discontinuing the use of melatonin, no substantial side effects are observed apart from old sleep disturbances creeping in. Discontinuing melatonin itself does not have any side effects on its own. Rather old sleep problems tend to return once the drug is stopped taken. Alcohol withdrawal on the other hand remains usual such as disturbed sleep, anxiety, appetite problems and lack of alertness. Alcohol is addictive and the person consuming it can become tolerant to it. However, melatonin is neither addictive nor does it get the patient tolerant to its use.


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