Why Do Hair Fall
20 May 2017

Why Do Hair Fall? 50+ Ways To Stop Hair Loss!

Hair is the most instrumental component of our personality. Our hair speak volumes about our personality and how we express ourselves to the outside world. Healthy, strong and lustrous hair is what we all yearn to possess. In the world of today, hair problems have become a common occurrence due

Does My Vagina Get Looser With Age Or The More I Have Sex
08 Apr 2017

Does My Vagina Get Looser With Age Or The More I Have Sex?

Sex is the most hyped subject of debate yet in many society it is still considered a taboo. Since sex is as much part of our daily lives as any other mundane activity, we must address the issues and concerns pertaining to it. This article will in specific cater to

Why Do We Have Lint In Belly Button
07 Mar 2017

Why Do We Have Lint In Belly Button?

All of us have been time again and again troubled by our belly button lint. Don’t we? Having a lint in your belly button is every next door phenomenon so it is time we stop being troubled by it. It is time to find out why we have this little

melatonin and alcohol
22 Feb 2017

Can We Use Melatonin And Alcohol Together? Latest Research!

People usually have reservation combining the intake of alcohol with melatonin. Great precaution must be exercised in this case as the two drugs have a similar working mechanism and can adversely affect the body. According to many medical experts taking melatonin independently is quite safe but its intake with alcohol

Does Sexual Appetite Decrease With Age
24 Jan 2017

Does Sexual Appetite Decrease With Age?

Man is a reproductive being whose main aim of existence is to procreate for humanity to flourish. Therefore, he is born sexual in nature thus making it imperative that his carnal desires are fulfilled. Sex is an act of love and symbolizes the union of man and woman through physical

Why Do We Get Hangovers
11 Jan 2017

Why Do We Get Hangovers? Reasons And Treatments!

Hangover is not an alien term or experience for today’s youth. Alcohol consumption is one of the most rampant activities people are indulged in. Be it late night weekend parties or any event celebration, everyone wants to let themselves loose over a shot of a drink. Hangover can be regarded

29 Dec 2016

Can You Sneeze With Your Eyes Open?

Being a human is not only about experiencing joys and pleasures of life. There are certain unpleasant natural phenomena all humans experience without any discrimination or exceptions. Sneezing is one of those natural occurrences which all of us encounter at various points of our lives. It is our body’s natural

how to enjoy a sick day
17 Dec 2016

How To Enjoy A Sick Day?

With good health comes sickness and nobody is devoid of falling ill from time to time. We all have our days where we feel under the weather due to health problems such as common cold, fever, infections, headaches, gastric dysfunction and sometimes serious ailments. Sickness or ailments is as much

sex position
09 Dec 2016

Is It Normal To Get Really Wet During Sex?

While sex is the most gossiped and hyped subject among the youth and single people, it can also be quite intimidating in various regards. Every person wants to experience a gratifying sex with their desired partners without having the fear of unknown resulting from a lack of knowledge or experience.

sweaty palms
30 Nov 2016

Why Do Your Hands Sweat When You Are Afraid Or Nervous?

Do you remember the feeling prior to your first job interview? Have you ever felt edgy before your first date or experienced sweaty palms before you are set to deliver a talk in public? By now you all must be aware that we are referring one of the most common